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Having served in community groups and the community in general for over 20 years, Vaughan likes to help people and training in small business and self development skills enables him to fulfil that need and enjoy his work at the same time. Vaughan Smith - Axiom Training Services

Vaughan commenced as a tutor with Adult Education in 1999, after 23 years in the Finance Industry. During this time he occupied numerous banking positions which included HR, Property Management, Personal and Commercial Lending to name a few. The last 10 years was spent in management, both in Administration and Branch environments.

His specialty is Small Business Management, focusing on business plans and general planning, together with the personal skills required for business ownership.

Business today has never been more demanding and the need for small business operators to update and increase all their skills is paramount. " I am pleased to be able to help this sector, through my experience and training, become more efficient and ultimately more profitable".

Vaughan's skills lay in being able to make, what is traditionally seen as difficult subjects and topics, easy to understand and his down to earth approach has been a feature of students feedback. His classes are always full and in demand.

When asked what he believes is essential in training he will say "empathy, keeping it simple, focused on the needs of the participants and the challenges they face in the business world of today and above all make learning fun and an experience which can be recalled in the work place".

People attending training need and expect to be able to leave with something, to be able to say "how does this effect and help me?" and if they just leave with one helpful hint or piece of information, then that multiplied over a life time in the business or the work force is im-measurable.

Afer all they are my customers and as we all know customers have to be able to see "whats in it for me?"

Axiom Training Services can answer that and successfully deliver what we promise.  If we cant, we certainly know someone who can.

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