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What Course/session Participants Have Said:

Institute of Tafe Tasmania


"Vaughan Smith - THE MAN! - Obviously responsible for making it all happen, hard worker, very knowledgeable and will be remembered as the man that got us through." - RH

"Having a mentor whom I had had an opportunity to get to know during the S.B.M. course was invaluable - thank you. I always felt confident that Mr Smith's advice and observations came from a sound bank of knowledge and experience and was no prejudicial. I appreciated his high degree of availability for a discussion about a problem and the way in which he related to me as an individual." - HT

Business Planning

"Vaughan's thorough understanding and experience in small business management assisted me to expand my business and increase growth. His adept business knowledge has improved my business performance." - GL

Adult Education

"Vaughan's great experience and knowledge combined with his training and facilitation skills were great. I learned and took aboard much more than I initially expected." - RS

"Excellent tutor. Kept entire class interested for 3 hours." - PR

"Clear concise information, tutor's willingness to explain finer points."

"Tutor's ability to relate "down to earth" nature." -TP

"Explained everything, clear and basic language and ability to ask questions was excellent." -KK March 2001

"Vaughan really knows his stuff. He makes taking in all the information a lot easier"

Coyne Didsbury Sports HR Pty Ltd - Tasmanian Cricket Side)

"The feedback from the players has been very positive and I thought your presentation of our material was professional, engaging and well suited to the group of participating players." SF

TCCI College of Management

"I realise that prior experience and knowledge of the subject covered varied dramatically between participants, however you still managed to include every one and to provide an understanding appropriate to each person. Having been on both sides of the training table I am aware how difficult that can some times be - more importantly I think that everyone left the session feeling good about themselves and about what they has learned! Well done - I look forward to participating in future sessions with you." - LK

"This is one of the best presented units of the 7 I have done so far. Vaughan knew the topic well and was able to present it to a reasonably diverse group." - JS

NGT Tasmania

"The whole content I found very useful and interesting. One of the best customer service course I have been too."

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